Of all this country’s marvellous traditions, perhaps the most poignantly recognised is tea. There are many theories about where tea originated and what date it was discovered, however drinking speciality tea in Britain became popular in the 17th century. It was quickly regarded with the highest value and worth. Long was this commodity traded and its presence chiselled into the roots of the nation before it became the staple we recognise it as today.

Despite H.R. Higgins starting out life as a wholesale coffee merchants, Harold Higgins quickly recognised the exquisite qualities of tea. He soon became infatuated with the tea growing and processing business, and the enormous variety of flavours afforded by origin, cultivation methods and manufacturing. He also noted the idiosyncrasies in the tea making rituals of individuals, which are prevalent perhaps even more so today. For example, many have differing opinions on how to take tea – with lemon, with milk in first or milk in second. It’s a highly controversial topic!

To celebrate the 75th year of the H.R. Higgins shop, the 40th year of holding the Royal Warrant, the extraordinary man who established our business, and all of our individual speciality tea drinking idiosyncrasies, we would like to introduce Anniversary Tea. This wonderful celebration blend is perfect for accompanying breakfast, or indeed any occasion that requires an extra special something for discerning guests.

tea caddy anniversary hand painted

Teas from Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon and Keemun (Black China) have been blended to create a masterful and refreshing cup. Each tea can be regarded as a solo musical instrument – with its own distinctive qualities, and mesmerising when played alone. When H.R. Higgins creates a blend, these instruments come together in just the right quantities, producing the effect of a full orchestra.

Marking the last 75 years, this exceptional blend lends a floral top note and aroma, a rich full body, and a hint of malt at the finish. It can be drunk black or with milk, and is best infused for 3 minutes at 100C.

Anniversary Blend is now available to buy here.