Chai Tea Benefits

It is widely believed that one cup of Masala tea can prevent various kinds of illnesses and keep you healthy. Masala chai tea is a mixture of several ingredients, including ginger, citrus peels, all spice, whole cardamon, spicy cloves, star anise and earthy nutmeg.  Many of these spices have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes they are very warming and help to fight infection. Researchers have established the positive impact of ginger on the human body and is excellent to relieve nausea and aids digestion as does nutmeg. Another ingredient used in masala tea is clove. Which is widely used as a painkiller because it reduces inflammation.

A fiery and aromatic blend of velvety-smooth tea and warming spices, our Masala Chai Tea is deliciously warming. We recommend brewing this for 3 minutes at 100C and drinking black or with a splash of milk. Or if you’re wanting to learn how to make chai tea latte, then why not try our Chai Latte recipe below – the perfect option as the weather turns colder.

Chai Tea Latte Recipe

How to make chai latte with loose leaf tea.


– 8g Masala Chai Tea

– 250ml Whole Milk or Your Preferred Milk of Choice

– Cardamon Pod

– ½ Teaspoon of Brown Sugar


– First, measure 250ml milk and pour into a saucepan.

– Add 8g Masala Chai Tea and add the pan to the heat.

– Gradually bring the milk and tea to the boil, allowing the tea to unravel and release its natural flavours.

– While simmering, gently whisk the milk to add texture for a smooth mouth feel.

– Remove from the hob and strain the mixture (you can use a tea strainer).

– Sweeten to taste and serve.

– Additionally try adding a splash of cream to the pan for a more luxurious drink.

Masala Chai Tea

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