In this month’s Mr Higgins Recommends, we are casting a spotlight on women within the coffee industry in honour of International Women’s Day with a feature on Colombia Bethy Plaza 121 Project.

The 121 Project brings farmers and roasters together sustainably in partnership with green coffee traders D R Wakefield. In this case, the coffee farmer in question is Bethy Plaza.

Bethy Plaza belongs to the Nasa people who are indigenous to Colombia. She speaks the native Nasa Yuwe, which is now an endangered language. Her farm is near the village of Cerro Alto, where she lives, in northwest Popayan.

We have been working with Bethy for a number of years. Our direct relationship enables us to forward buy her entire harvest every year giving Bethy a guaranteed source of income for her workers and her family. We are the only roasters in the world to have this coffee making it truly special.

To make the most of Bethy’s lovely coffee, we roast the beans medium. This brings out the gentle acidity and notes of soft fruit and rich chocolate.

We enjoy this coffee best as a filter or pourover.

We hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Tony Higgins

Bethy Plaza Sack

Buy our Colombia Bethy Plaza 121 Project here.