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White Raspberry and Heather Honey Velvet Truffles

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The White Raspberry and Heather Honey Truffle is a meticulous balance of crushed raspberries and Scottish heather honey in a creamy white chocolate ganache.

This truffle has been chosen as a pairing for both our coffee and tea tasting flights.

The coffee we have paired this with is the Nicaragua La Bastilla Blueberry Candy. The most unique taste surprise awaits you with this pairing. The naturally processed coffee reveals a sweet, fruity and boozy flavour with rich notes of blueberries. This is paired with a White Raspberry and Heather Honey Truffle leads you straight to the exceptional blueberry notes, intensifying the fruity sweetness of the coffee.

This truffle is also paired with our Japanese Cherry Tea. Taking inspiration from Japanese Cherry Blossom it is blended with rose petals and cherry flavouring for a delicately floral and fragrant take on a traditional green tea. The balance in this truffle is as beautifully as that of the rose and cherry notes with the silver leaf green tea. The resulting experience is a wash of strong raspberry, cutting through the sweetness and marrying with the cherry flavouring in the tea.

You will receive four truffles, perfectly packaged in The Highland Chocolatier's red chocolate box.


*Please note that all truffles are hand made to order. Orders for truffles placed by Wednesday each week will be shipped to you on the Friday of the following week.


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