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Chemex Classic Coffee Filter

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The Chemex Classic Filter Coffee Maker is an elegant coffee maker that will deliver the purest flavour experience as well as looking stylish in your kitchen. 

The hour glass shaped maker is made from high quality, heat resistant glass. It includes a wooden collar and leather tie which serves as an insulated handle around the middle of the coffeemaker.

A flawless blend of design and function, the Chemex has been recognised for both. It holds a permanent position in New York’s Corning Museum of Glass and was also selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as part of the 100 best designed products of modern times.

Brewing Tips

Pre-soak the filter paper with hot water and then discard. Add one portion of finely ground coffee per cup. 

Pour on just enough hot (not boiling) water so that all the grounds are soaked and wait for 1 minute while the grounds swell. 

Slowly pour over the rest of the water in a circular motion.


The Chemex Classic Coffee Filter produces a pure, clean cup without bitterness or sediment. Great for cold brews as well as hot coffee.

Use CHEMEX® Half Circle Filters FP-2 with your Chemex 3 Cup Classic Filter Coffee Pot.

Use CHEMEX® Pre-folded FS-100 square filter papers with your Chemex 6 Cup Classic Coffee Maker.


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