Ceylon Dimbula Truffle Gift Set

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The first tea pairing from our collaboration with The Highland Chocolatier: Ceylon Dimbula paired with White Lime and Hint of Chilli Velvet Truffle.

In this set, you will receive 125g of Ceylon Dimbula. This is accompanied by 9 chocolates, 5 White Lime and Hint of Chilli Velvet Truffles and 4 of our signature Chai Truffles.

Beautifully presented in a H.R. Higgins gift box, this set will be accompanied with full tasting notes.

You can join Tony and David Higgins for a full guided tasting on our YouTube Channel.

Ceylon Dimbula is a delightfully bright and mouth-watering tea with juicy flavours and occasionally hints of Jasmine and Cypress.

We have paired this with a White Lime and Hint of Chilli Velvet Truffle.

The zesty crushed lime is balanced with white couverture chocolate and a gentle accent of spice from the chilli.

The subtle warmth of the chilli cuts through the sweetness of the chocolate and allows the brightness of the tea and the citrus flavours to shine through, creating an experience akin to adding a slice of lemon to your cup.


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