Coffee Grinder Krups GVX 2

Krups coffee grinders produce a precise and perfect grind ensuring a wonderful cup of coffee to start your day.


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Product Description

This Krups coffee grinder produces a precise and perfect grind ensuring a wonderful cup of coffee without fail. The easiest way to improve your coffee experience is to brew from freshly ground beans. At the same time you can enjoy the fabulous smell of the grinds. A burr grinder is an inexpensive way to experience the delights of the coffee house in your own home.

The GVX 2 has a Burr milling system to avoid overheating and preserve aroma. In addition, you will find a fineness selector with 17 positions from fine to coarse. As a result, you can adapt your grind to an array of brewing methods. So why not enjoy espresso, drip coffee or French press?

You can select the amount of cups from 2 to 12. The hopper of the Krups coffee grinder has a 200g capacity and the ground coffee container is removable. Furthermore, the burr is removable for easy cleaning. Finally, a cleaning brush is included.


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