Leather Satchel Coffee Kit

The ultimate coffee gift set, the H.R. Higgins luxury limited edition coffee kit contains everything needed for superior coffee on the go.


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Product Description

Here at H.R. Higgins we’ve created the perfect limited edition coffee gift set.

If you are in search of a present for a loved one who seems to have all their coffee needs catered for, you need look no further.

Inspired by the design of cartridge bags, the handcrafted leather satchel is perfect for all lovers of coffee on the go. Inside it contains a Hario V60 copper pourover with measure, a copper mug and a Rhinowares hand grinder. In addition you will find a set of filter papers and a pack of H. R. Higgins Tanzania Kibo Chagga coffee beans.

The coffee gift set comes complete with a printed, protective dust bag, making it a fantastic gift. The kit is available as a small limited edition. Order soon to ensure you don’t miss out.



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