Hario Largo Tea Dripper Set

Make tea brewing a spectator event with the Hario Largo Tea Dripper Set.


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Product Description

Hario have a long tradition of providing the best in specialty coffee and tea brewing equipment.

This stunning tea brewing system not only looks impressive, but makes brewing your favourite loose leaf tea effortless.

Using the same principles as the V60 Coffee Dripper, the Hario Largo Tea Dripper’s intelligent design allows the user to operate it with a single button making the process extremely simple and straightforward and will help you to bring the most out of your chosen loose leaf tea.

Just add your favourite loose leaf tea to the bowl, pour over hot water and let the tea steep until it is ready. Once brewed, press the button to release your tea into the server below.

The Hario Largo Tea Dripper set includes the “Largo” Dripper bowl with button operation, tea server and stand. All parts are detachable making them easy to clean and store.


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