Dark Velvet Praline

From our collaboration with The Highland Chocolatier: Dark Velvet Praline.


Product Description

The Dark Velvet Praline is hazelnut praline and has a light caramel flavour with a touch of roast cocoa.

We have paired this with our deliciously lively Brazil Yellow Bourbon coffee. It has a subtle medium body with a sweet caramel and chocolate richness.

With delightful nutty characteristics, this coffee is perfectly matched with this truffle, which emulates the natural sweetness of the coffee.

You will receive four truffles, perfectly packaged in The Highland Chocolatier’s red chocolate box.



Please be aware that all truffles from the The Highland Chocolatier are made in an environment where nuts are present. Praline Truffles contain Hazelnuts. All truffles contain dairy in the form of milk and cream.

If you require any additional dietary information, please contact us.

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