Breakfast Blend

Our classic Breakfast Blend coffee is a strong and full bodied coffee with a mild, nutty acidity.

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Product Description

Our Breakfast Blend coffee is a rich and punchy brew.

Created by our founder Harold Higgins in 1942, this coffee was imagined first of all as a household blend. Our Breakfast Blend coffee consequently became one of the first retail blends ever sold.

The finest coffees from India and Colombia are blended. This produces a strong and full-bodied cup while also offering a mild and nutty acidity.

As a result, we have a well-rounded coffee that is the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast. Above all, this brew will certainly do the trick of waking you up first thing in the morning!

We recommend this coffee as a mild filter pour over which is best enjoyed with milk . Use 17g of ground coffee per 250ml water.

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