Tanzania AA Chagga Blend Medium Roast

Bright and smooth, this blend of the finest Tanzania AA grade Chagga coffee with Colombia Supreme is exquisite and delicious.

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Product Description

This coffee is a blend of Tanzania AA Chagga with Colombia Supreme. Coffee is graded through cascading layers of sieves, each decreasing in size. These green Tanzanian coffee beans rest on the grading tray, which traps them from falling through. As a result of the bean being larger than normal, the term ‘AA’ refers to the coffee’s exceptional grade. AA grade usually falls within grades 16 and 18.

The Chagga people have grown coffee since the 1920s. H.R. Higgins founder, Harold Higgins established a relationship with them while journeying to Mount Kilimanjaro in 1960. His intent was to bring Tanzanian coffee back to the UK.

We roast this Tanzania AA Chagga Blend medium which lends a bright acidity and smooth aftertaste. We recommend making it as a filter pour over. Use 18g fine ground coffee per 250ml water. Alternatively, try it in a cafetiere. Use 1 dessertspoon of medium coarse ground coffee per 250ml water.

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