Brazil Bourbon Very Dark Roast

The coffee is grown on the Daterra coffee estate famous for experimentation and innovation. Fully sustainable and the first farm in Brazil to become Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Product Description

Country: Brazil

Region: Cerrado

Altitude: 900-1200 metres

Farm: Daterra

Process: Washed

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

The Bourbon bean variety probably takes its name from a single coffee tree presented by the Dutch to King Louis XIV of France in 1713. Seedlings were later transported to the French Island of Bourbon, now called Reunion.

This is a Yellow Bourbon coffee grown on the Daterra Farm which consists of 216 micro farms each with individual characteristics. They are leaders in sustainable production and innovation in the coffee industry:

  • 1st Rainforest Alliance Farm in Brazil
  • 1st Climate-friendly farm verified to meet the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Climate Module.
  • Winner of the prize “Prêmio Fazenda Sustentável 2015” by Globo Rural, Brazil’s major agricultural magazine, as the most sustainable farm in the country


Very dark roasted being very chocolatey and strong with a smooth rich plum aftertaste.

Great in a cafetiere. Use 1 dessertspoon per 8oz cup.


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