Costa Rica San Jose

Our Costa Rica San Jose coffee is truly unique with a nutty flavour, delicate lychee fruit notes, and caramel finish.

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Product Description

Costa Rican Coffee is considered to be some of the best in the world. Of course, our Costa Rica San Jose is certainly no exception to this.

The Speciality Association of Costa Rica control all coffee distribution from the country. As a result, only the finest coffee beans are exported. This ensures the coffee is of the highest quality.

The coffee is grown by farmers from the Coopedota cooperative Hermosa. They are renowned for producing award-winning coffee and are in fact recognised as the first carbon neutral coffee producer in the world.

Their farms are found in the Dota region of the Tarazzu river valley. Here, coffee plants grow at altitudes above 1,400m. In these highlands, the soil is rich in nutrients.

Costa Rica San Jose is prepared by the Honey Process. Consequently producing a coffee with natural sweetness.

This coffee is nutty with a rich, caramel finish but has overlying delicate notes from lychee fruit.

We recommend brewing this coffee as a filter or pour over. Simply use 18g of coffee per 250ml of water.

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