Guatemala Nueva Granada

A sumptuous Guatemalan coffee grown in the volcanic highlands of San Marcos.

From: £5.60 per 125g




Product Description

Region: San Marcos

Altitude: 1400-1700 metres

Farm: Nueva Granada

Process: Washed


This coffee is farmed by Dieter and Holly Nottebaum who have been farming in Guatemala for many years.

In addition to growing coffee, the farm provides a school for the children of the estate and computer training as well as a healthcare clinic. They also pipe fresh springwater to 4,000 nearby residents. The coffee is shade-grown and wildlife corridors are preserved.

We roast this coffee light to bring out an almond nut character with mild acidity.

We recommend brewing this coffee as a filter or pourover. Use 19g of finely ground coffee per 250ml of water.


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