Colombia Bethy Plazas 121 Project

A delightful and exquisite Colombian coffee with gentle acidity, and notes of soft fruit, morello cherry and rich chocolate.

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Product Description

This Colombian coffee is grown through a direct relationship with the farmer in partnership with green coffee traders D R Wakefield. Bethy Plaza belongs to the Nasa people who are indigenous to Colombia. She lives in the village of Cerro Alto in northwest Popayan. Bethy speaks the native Nasa Yuwe, which is now an endangered language.

Firstly Colombia Bethy Plaza is picked by hand from shade grown trees. It is then de-pulped the same day. The trees on the La Esperanza farm grow at an altitude of 1600 metres. Prior to washing and drying in a solar parabolic dryer, the beans are fermented for 16 hours. Finally, this coffee goes to the co-operative mill for grading and export. In addition the removed pulp is reused on the farm as fertiliser.

Our direct relationship with Bethy Plaza enables us to forward-buy her entire coffee harvest. As a result, Bethy receives a guaranteed source of income for her workers and family.

We roast this Colombian coffee medium. This lends rich notes of chocolate and ripe fruit. We recommend brewing as a filter or pourover. Use 18g of coffee per 250ml of water.

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