Ethiopia Bench Maji

We roast this unique and characterful Ethiopian medium to bring out flavours of delicate fruit and cherry.

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Product Description

We roast this exceptional Ethiopian coffee medium. In doing so we bring out its unique flavours. You can expect delicate fruit, cherry and low acidity in the cup.

In Ethiopia it is not uncommon for coffee to grow in forests. As a result the wild coffee trees benefit from the natural shade. Bench Maji coffee is harvested by hand at an altitude of 900 to 1200 metres.

Bench Maji is a union of 65 primary coffee cooperatives based in South West Ethiopia. The union was set up to market outstanding coffee while improving the lives of the farmers and their families. While only starting in 2005, it has over 130,000 Smallholder member farmers.

It is thought the first coffee trees were grown in Ethiopia in the 11th century. A curious traveller then smuggled some beans out of Africa in the lines of his clothing. Cultivation in India subsequently followed. Many people therefore think Ethiopia is the original home of coffee.

Try brewing this Ethiopian coffee as a filter or pourover. For best results use 19g of finely ground coffee per 250ml of water.

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