Tanzania Kibo Chagga Medium Roast

Discovered by Harold Higgins ‘accidently’ in the late 1940s when South American coffees were unavailable.

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Product Description

Country: Tanzania

Region: Kilimanjaro

Area: Marangu

Altitude: 1200 metres

Farm: Kibo

Process: Washed

Varieties: Bourbon, Kent

After a long quest and a journey to Mount Kilimanjaro in 1960 he established a long-term relationship with the Chagga people who have been growing coffee since the 1920s.

A full, rich body with a mild, delicate acidity.

We recommend making it as a filter pour over. Use 18g fine ground coffee per 250ml water.

Or try it in a cafetiere. Use 1 dessertspoon of medium coarse ground coffee per 250ml water.



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