Tanzania AA Chagga Blend Dark Roast

This coffee was discovered by Harold Higgins in the 1940s and brought back to the UK for the very first time.

From: £5.00 per 125g




Product Description

Coffee: Tanzanian Coffee

After a long quest and a journey to Mount Kilimanjaro in 1960 he established a long-term relationship with the Chagga people who have been growing coffee since the 1920s.

This is a blend of AA Chagga Tanzanian Coffee with Colombia Supreme. The term ‘AA’ refers to the exceptional grade of the coffee. It refers to the specific, larger than normal bean size. Through quality farming, the coffee is graded through cascading layers of sieves, each decreasing in size. The green beans are put through the sieves and rest on the grading tray which traps them from falling through. AA grade is usually within grades 16 and 18.

We roast this blend dark which lends a smooth mouthfeel and a hint of acidity.

We recommend making it as a filter pour over. Use 18g fine ground coffee per 250ml water. Or alternatively, try it in a cafetiere. Use 1 dessertspoon of medium coarse ground coffee per 250ml water.


H.R. Higgins sources all of its coffee through long-established relationships with individual coffee farms, cooperatives and trusted coffee partners. In most cases, we have direct relationships with farmers which span decades.

Sustainability is a hugely important factor to us as a business and now, more generally in the wider coffee industry. The most important part of the entire
coffee process is that the coffee farmers, their families and their communities all benefit from our relationships. Specifically, we work with farms that care for the local environment, and support both their workers and their families. This is the first and most crucial step in the process of producing exceptional coffee.

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