Vienna Blend

A medium-bodied coffee, with a smooth salted caramel flavour. The Vienna Blend is great for espresso and filter.

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Product Description

Our Vienna Blend is a smooth, rich and delectable coffee which has been designed to emulated the incredible coffee houses of Vienna.

When Harold Higgins first opened his shop, many of the customers from Central Europe craved a Viennese style coffee. In order to satisfy this demand, Mr Higgins created the Vienna Blend.

With a rich coffee history, Vienna is rightly famous for its coffee houses. Legend has it that an army soldier discovered some abandoned coffee sacks left by the retreating Turks. Subsequently, he opened the first coffee-house.

Created with a mixture of medium and dark roast beans, this blend is a medium-bodied coffee, smooth with a salted caramel flavour.

We recommend making Vienna Blend as a filter or pour over. Simply use 18g fine ground coffee per 250ml water.

It also makes a great smooth espresso. To make a 25g shot extract 18g for 25-28 seconds.

Alternatively, why not try in a stove-top espresso or Moka pot for a punchy breakfast coffee.

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