Brazil Masterclass Coffee Taster Kit

A wonderful introduction to darker roasted Brazilian coffee. The Brazil Coffee Taster Kit includes three 125g coffees in a stylish cloth bag.



Product Description

November brings the opportunity to celebrate Brazil International Coffee Week. We would therefore like to present the Brazil Coffee Taster Kit. A wonderful introduction to darker roasted Brazilian coffee. The kit includes three fabulous coffees selected by Tony and David Higgins for their sold out Brazil Coffee Tasting Masterclass.

Brazil Santos is a dry processed coffee with a rich plum, chocolate background. Then there is the Brazil Bourbon, a Yellow Bourbon coffee. This coffee is roasted medium bringing out a subtle body, and a sweet caramel and chocolate richness. Finally, Brazil Daterra Bruzzi is a Bourbon coffee that especially suits espresso. It is roasted dark to bring out a rich cherry flavour with a smooth after-taste.

The Brazil coffee taster kit comprises 125g of each coffee. It is presented in a stylish cloth bag, hand printed in gold. You will also find three tasting cards and an H.R. Higgins brew guide, to inspire you to hold a Masterclass in the comfort of your own home.

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