The Cafetiere Coffee Selection Gift Box

A selection of four coffees perfect for a French press or plunger, enclosed in one of our beautiful gift boxes.


Gift Wrap


Product Description

Our Cafetiere Gift Selection box is a specially crafted selection of coffees that work perfectly for Cafetiere, French Press or Plunger Pot.

Beautifully presented in a black gift box, our Cafetiere Selection contains four 125g valve bags of coffee and comes with information about each coffee. 

For a special touch, why not add gift wrapping?

Creole Blend

Creole Blend is one of our best sellers and has been a frequent feature of our daily roasting schedule from the very early years of our business. 

Created by Harold Higgins in the 1950s, this blend was designed for customers who were asking for stronger, darker blends but without any harsh bitterness or acidity.

Creole Blend is a mixture of South American beans from Colombia and Brazil, roasted dark to produce a coffee that is powerful, rich and very smooth.

With notes of dark chocolate and rich cacao, this blend has become very popular as an after-dinner coffee, but the refreshing blackberry finish makes it perfect for all occasions.

Tanzania Kibo Chagga

Tanzania Kibo Chagga is undoubtedly a H.R. Higgins signature and has been a well-loved part of our range for many years.

Just after the Second World War, Harold Higgins tasted, almost by chance, a coffee which seemed to him to have tremendous possibilities. An East African Chagga coffee with a kinship in flavour with Colombia coffees from South America, which were unavailable at the time.

He discovered the beans were grown by African farmers on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and began a quest to source this unique coffee. Thwarted by the closed shop wholesale system of his regular sources he journeyed to Moshi at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro to meet the farmers.

Absconding from an organised trip to Nairobi he boarded a local bus to be welcomed by the farmers, indigenous Chagga people, and became the first coffee merchant in London to buy directly from African farmers, a relationship which still stands to this day.

Roasted medium, Tanzania Kibo Chagga is deliciously fruity, with notes of nectarine, orange and passion fruit.

Peru Inambari FTO

Peru Inambari Fairtrade Organic is coffee grown and supplied through a direct relationship with the farmer.

Grown on the Agraria Frontera San Ignacio Cooperative whose farm lies in the Caijamarca region in the district of Coipa. The farm is found within a group of protected areas where many wild animals such as spectacled bears and jaguars roam. 

The cherries are processed at the farm using a traditional method of fermentation tanks made from fallen Romerillo trees. Typically, the cherries are picked in the morning and processed the same day, avoiding any deterioration of the quality of the coffee beans. 

We roast Peru Inambari FTO dark so it becomes very smooth and mellow without any bitterness. This brings out the natural rich sweetness of the coffee, highlighting notes of cantaloupe and toffee.

Santiago Blend

Created in the 1960s by Mr Tony, our Santiago Blend was born of a desire for stronger, more powerful coffees. 

We blend beens from Costa Rica and Colombia to create a high quality, rich coffee which is perfect for after dinner or as a strong breakfast coffee.

Our Santiago Blend has a natural sweetness, with notes of vanilla, caramelised sugar and dark chocolate. It has a gentle acidity with zero bitterness.

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