The Filter Coffee Selection Gift Box

A fantastic selection of four wonderful coffees, all ideal for filter pour-over.


Gift Wrap


Product Description

This beautiful coffee selection gift set provides a wonderful introduction to filter coffee. There are four coffees included, all perfect for a filter pour-over. Firstly, the Brazil Bourbon is a sweet light bodied coffee. The Yellow Bourbon bean variety used, takes its name from a single coffee tree presented by the Dutch to King Louis XIV of France in 1713. Secondly, with an intense fruity flavour, Nicaragua La Bastilla Blueberry Candy is a medium roast natural process coffee. Kenya Estate is a medium roast with a full bodied, sweet acidity. Finally, delicate with a nutty character and smooth finish, Honduras Finca Gaby is the forth and final filter coffee.

The coffee selection gift set contains 4 x 125g valve bags of filter coffee wrapped in tissue paper and sealed. Inside there is a card describing the coffee. In addition, we will add your personal greeting.

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