The Cafetiere Coffee Selection Gift Box

A selection of four coffees perfect for a French press or plunger, enclosed in one of our beautiful gift boxes.


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Product Description

Welcome to our Cafetiere Coffee Gift Box Selection. The four coffees in this wonderful gift box are perfect in a Cafetiere or plunger. The Creole Blend is a very dark roast with a powerful smooth flavour. Tanzania Kibo Chagga is a medium roast with a bright acidity and smooth aftertaste. Harold Higgins discovered this coffee in the 1940s, grown on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. He brought it back to the UK for the very first time. Cuba Alto Serra Especial is a dark roast with a very heavy mellow flavour and no acidity, and Higgins Coffee House Blend is a blend of medium, dark and very dark roasts with a strong flavour and a subtle edge in the finish.

The gift box contains 4 x 125g valve bags of cafetiere coffee wrapped in tissue paper and sealed. Inside there is a card describing the coffee selection and we will add your personal greeting.

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