The Espresso Coffee Selection Gift Box

A wonderful selection of four of our most loved coffees created especially for espresso machines.


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Product Description

Our Espresso Gift Selection Box is a collection of coffees designed specifically with Espresso in mind.

Beautifully presented in a black gift box, our Espresso Selection contains four 125g valve bags of coffee and comes with information about each coffee. 

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Vienna Blend

Vienna Blend has featured in all our selections since that first list in 1946, crafted by Harold Higgins to satisfy the demand for Viennese style brews.

Our Vienna Blend is a mixture of medium and dark roasts creating a smooth, rich and delectable coffee with a medium body and notes of honey, pear and milk chocolate.

Brazil Daterra Bruzzi

Delightfully full-bodied, this Brazil Daterra coffee originates from a farm esteemed for its high quality produce, sustainability and environmental welfare. 

This is a Bourbon coffee grown on the Daterra Farm which consists of 216 micro farms each with individual characteristics. Daterra is a leader in sustainable production and innovation in the coffee industry, and were the first farm in Brazil to become Rainforest Alliance certified.

Daterra use a variety of beans grown in ‘terroir’ across the farm to create this coffee which especially suits espresso. This blend of beans is named “Bruzzi” after the Arbruzzo region in Italy.

Brazil Daterra Bruzzi produces a rich, full bodied mouthfeel with a hint of acidity. We roast it dark to unlock flavours of chocolate and cherry, with nutty notes.

For us, Brazil Daterra Bruzzi is unrivalled as an espresso coffee and use it as our house espresso at Duke Street.

Colombia Supreme

Continuing Colombia’s long heritage in producing the highest quality coffee, our Colombia Supreme Dark is a deliciously lively but smooth brew.

Colombia can harvest coffee several times a season due to the variation in climate from the north to the south of its three mountain cordilleras. Supremo grade Colombian coffees have larger size beans.

By roasting this coffee dark, we accentuate its natural but mellow sweetness with flavours of rich baking chocolate, brown sugar and dark berries.

1942 Blend

Specially created by David Higgins himself, 1942 Blend is our premium espresso blend.

We blend medium and dark roasted Arabica beans from small lot farms in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica to create a perfectly balanced cup. The result is a smooth, rich shot with notes of sweet caramel, powerfully fruity with no bitterness. A truly classic espresso coffee.

1942 Blend is a tribute to David’s Grandfather and H. R. Higgins founder, Harold Rees Higgins. Harold began his business in 1942 because of his immense passion for roasting exceptional coffees.

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