The Filter Coffee Selection Gift Box

A fantastic selection of four wonderful coffees, all ideal for filter pour-over.


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Product Description

Filter coffee is our favourite way to brew. It produces a pure, clean cup without bitterness, unlocking the full potential and flavours of your chosen coffee. This beautiful coffee selection gift set provides a wonderful introduction to filter coffee.

Beautifully presented in a black gift box, our Filter Selection contains four 125g valve bags of coffee and comes with information about each coffee. 

For a special touch, why not add gift wrapping?

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

It is thought that the Bourbon bean variety takes its name for a single coffee tree presented by the Dutch to King Louis XIV of France in 1713. Seedlings were later transported to the French Island of Bourbon, now called Reunion.

This Yellow Bourbon coffee grown on the Daterra Farm which consists of 216 micro farms, each with individual characteristics.

Daterra is a leader in sustainable production and innovation within the coffee industry and was the first farm is Brazil to become Rainforest Alliance Certified.

We roast this Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee medium to bring out the subtle medium body. This creates a coffee with a gentle sweetness and caramel flavour, accented with notes of hazelnut and grape.

Guatemala Nueva Granada

Guatemala Nueva Granada is a sumptuous coffee grown in the volcanic highlands of San Marcos.

Grown by Dieter and Holly Nottebaum who have been farming in Guatemala for many years, the coffee is shade-grown and wildlife corridors are preserved.

In addition to growing coffee, the farm provides a school for the children of the estate and computer training, as well as a healthcare clinic. They also pipe fresh spring water to 4,000 nearby residents. 

Guatemala Nueva Granada is roasted light, bringing out fruity notes of nectarine, raspberry and apple with a mild acidity.

Kenya Estate

Kenya Estate is a bright, lively, AA quality coffee is grown in the Nyeri region just 100 miles from the foot of Mount Kenya. 

Kenyan coffee is well known for its vibrant acidity and crisp, fresh taste and Kenya Estate is no exception. 

Grown by Acacias Members from six cooperative societies, the beans have been awarded the AA grade, which refers to their larger than normal bean size. 

Green coffee beans are graded through cascading layers of sieves, each decreasing in size, until the coffee is trapped on a grading tray. The AA grade makes this some of the finest coffee in the world. 

Kenya Estate is a light roast, releasing a bright and lively acidity. It has delicious fruity notes of pineapple and red berries with hints of strawberries and cream at the finish.

Costa Rica San Jose

Costa Rican Coffee is considered to be some of the best in the world. The Speciality Association of Costa Rica control all coffee distribution from the country. As a result, only the finest coffee beans are exported. This ensures the coffee is of the highest quality.

This coffee is grown by farmers from the Coopedota cooperative Hermosa who are renowned for producing award-winning coffee and are in fact recognised as the first carbon neutral coffee producer in the world. Their farms are found in the Dota region of the Tarrazu river valley, where the soil is rich in nutrients.

Costa Rica San Jose is prepared by the Honey Process producing a coffee with natural sweetness.

This is a truly unique coffee with delicate fruity notes of lychee and pear and a sweet, honey finish.

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