Higgins at Home Coffee Taster Kit

Containing 3 specially selected coffees, our new Higgins At Home taster kits is the perfect introduction to some of H.R. Higgins finest blends.


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With Father’s Day looming and more of us working from home, Tony and David have created a new taster kit based on their favourite coffees to drink at home together. Containing 3 specially selected coffees, our new Higgins At Home coffee taster kit is the perfect introduction to some of H.R. Higgins finest blends.

Colombia Pacamara Las Margaritas

Firstly, you will find the truly indulgent Colombia Pacamara Las Margaritas. The Las Margaritas farm is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. The beans are naturally processed. This involves laying the ripe cherries in the sun and carefully turning them to ensure even drying. The beans swell up before the dry outer layers are removed, which creates a profound effect on the flavour. To bring out indulgent, boozy ripe cherry and pineapple flavours, and unlock a light acidity, we roast this coffee medium.

Tanzania AA Chagga Blend Dark Roast

Next, smooth with a hint of acidity, this dark roast is a blend of the finest Tanzania AA Chagga and Colombia Supreme beans. The Chagga people have grown coffee since the 1920s. H.R. Higgins founder Harold Higgins, established a connection with them while journeying to Mount Kilimanjaro in the 1960s. He met with the owners of the farm and, as a result, set up a relationship that still stands to this day. Roasted to a dark profile, this coffee lends flavours of blackcurrant and raisin. It has a kinship in flavour with full-bodied Colombia coffee, but in addition has a hint of the delightful acidity found in Kenya Coffee.

Kenya Estate Medium

Finally, this bright, lively, AA quality coffee is grown in the Nyeri region, 100 miles from the foot of Mount Kenya. Kenya coffee is known for its vibrant acidity and crisp, fresh taste. Kenya Estate Medium Roast is no exception. The beans have been awarded the AA grade, which refers to their larger than normal bean size. Here, rich, juicy, blackcurrant flavours marry hints of strawberries and cream. We roast this coffee medium to release a bright, lively acidity.

The Higgins at Home coffee taster kit comprises a 125g bag of each coffee presented in a stylish cloth pouch. The pouch is hand printed in gold. You will also find included three tasting cards and an H.R. Higgins brew card to inspire you.

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