Brazil Coffee Taster Kit

A wonderful introduction to darker roasted Brazilian coffee. The Brazil Coffee Taster Kit includes three 125g coffees in a stylish cloth bag.



Product Description

The Brazil Coffee Taster Kit is a wonderful introduction to darker roasted Brazilian coffee. Inspiration for the kit came from our annual Brazil Coffee Tasting Masterclass, celebrating Brazil International Coffee Week. Selected by Tony and David Higgins the kit includes three fabulous coffees.

Brazil Santos is a dry processed coffee with a rich plum, chocolate background. Then there is Brazil Bourbon, a Yellow Bourbon coffee. Roasted medium, here we bring out a subtle body, and a sweet caramel and chocolate richness. Finally, Brazil Daterra Bruzzi is a Bourbon coffee that especially suits espresso. Roasted dark this time, we bring out a rich cherry flavour and a smooth after-taste.

The kit comprises 125g of each coffee. The stylish accompanying cloth bag is hand printed in gold. In addition, to inspire you, you will find three tasting cards and an H.R. Higgins brew guide. So why not hold a Masterclass in the comfort of your own home?


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