All Day Tea Taster Kit

A special selection of all day teas. The perfect introduction to some of H.R. Higgins best selling blends.


Product Description

The All Day Tea Taster Kit will take you on a tea tasting journey throughout the day. This specially selected collection will provide the perfect introduction to some of H.R. Higgins best selling teas. The kit contains three of our very own blends as follows:

Higgins Breakfast Blend

We are firm believers in the importance of breakfast and our classic Higgins Breakfast Blend is the perfect start to any day. For this iconic blend, we hand-pick three of our brightest, briskest teas to create a brilliantly rousing cup. We combine the robust and full-bodied flavour of Kenyan tea with Assam, and add Ceylon for an energising freshness.

Duke Street Blend

Taking its name from the address of the Mayfair Shop, Duke Street Blend is our best selling all-day tea. We combine Assam and Ceylon leaves for an invigorating cup that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The Assam provides a traditional strong, malty aftertaste while the Ceylon adds a bright, fresh flavour.

Higgins Afternoon Blend

Our Higgins Afternoon Blend is a rejuvenating tea and the perfect accompaniment to a slice of cake. An exquisite fusion of high-quality Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon leaves, the result is a sumptuous black tea with a lively citrus flavour. We add a hint of bergamot to the blend to provide a vitalizing lift.

The All Day Tea Taster Kit comprises 125g of each tea, presented in a drawstring cloth bag, which is hand printed in gold. You will also find enclosed three tasting cards and a H.R. Higgins brew guide.

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