Assam Belseri Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe

A deliciously malty tea to be enjoyed throughout the day.

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Product Description

This organic Assam Golden Tippy Broken Orange Pekoe tea is of exceptional quality and is a superb accompaniment to breakfast or throughout the day.

Grown on the Belseri estate in the lush northern bank of the Brahmaputra valley, this tea is known widely for its inherently malty and powerful character.

The Estate is fed with Organic inputs in order to produce rich liquoring pure healthy teas. It produces its own compost and regenerates the soil with natural inputs. Predators like birds and spiders fight the natural pests, in an environment which is close to nature and non-invasive by man made fertilizers.

The term ‘tippy’ when it comes to tea refers to the quality of the tea. If it is ‘tippy’, the tea is of higher grade and quality. The ‘tips’ of the tea refer to the bud which is picked. The best teas only contain the top two leaves and one bud from the bush, and if a tea is ‘tippy’, this means that it contains more buds which have the most concentrated and freshest flavours.

Brewed for 3-4 minutes, this Assam Golden Tippy Broken Orange Pekoe tea is bright in the cup with a strong, superbly malty flavour which cuts through milk beautifully.

We recommend brewing this tea for 3-4 minutes at 100C.

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