China Lung Ching Dragon Well

Produced near to the village of the same name in the Zhejiang province of China, this green tea is famous for its quality.

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Product Description

Tea: China Lung Ching

This supreme tea is given its name from the village nearby to where it is grown. This tea is hand-picked and heated immediately to stop the natural fermentation process. This process ensures the tea keeps its wonderful original flavour qualities.

It has flat jade green leaves, a delicate aroma, and a mellow flavour with a slightly sweet after-taste. It can be enjoyed throughout the day, especially after rich foods.

We recommend brewing this China Lung Ching tea for 3 and a half minutes at 85C.


As with coffee, we source our tea through established relationships with individual farms, cooperatives and trusted partners. Although our business started with coffee, we introduced tea in the 1980s and spent a lot of time developing our selection and creating our very own blends.

Sustainability is an equally important factor in the tea growing process, both to our business and the wider tea industry. The most important part of the entire tea process is that the coffee farmers, their families and their communities all benefit from our relationships. Specifically, we work with tea estates which care for the local environment, work hard to combat climate change and support the workers and their families.

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