Darjeeling Spring Blossom Tea First Flush

An exquisite Darjeeling tea with an immediate sparkle and freshness and sublime tropical fruit and floral notes.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Description

The award-winning historic tea estate of Selimbong grows this exquisite Darjeeling spring tea. Having operated since 1886, this tea garden is well-known for its outstanding tea quality. This particular Spring Blossom First Flush is certainly no exception.

The Selimbong Estate is based in the Darjeeling region in the very North East of India. Darjeeling’s altitude makes it the perfect climate for tea growing. Similarly its climatic conditions make it ideal for cultivation. Selimbong is nestled high on a rolling Darjeeling hill. With this comes high humidity, cooler temperatures and plenty of moisture.

Spring Blossom is a light black tea but due to its hard-withering early on in the process its appearance is similar to most green teas. Early hard-withering releases moisture and gives the tea time to properly oxidise.

When tasted, this Darjeeling spring tea is described as sparkling. The freshness of the tea is immediate and it lends sublime tropical fruit flavours with floral notes and a delicious minerality in the finish.

We recommend brewing this tea for 2-3 minutes using water at 85 degrees.

We have bought a limited stock of this fine tea so it will only be available for a short while.

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