Russian Caravan

Blended to an ancient recipe from Formosa Oolong, China Keemun and India Darjeeling.

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Product Description

The Russian Tsar Alexis in 1618 received tea from china as a gift which began regular commerce between the two countries. The Camel Trains formed Caravans which transported the tea overland in exchange for furs and which would have been similar to our Russian Caravan Blend. By the end of the eighteenth century 6 camel loads of tea a year was being drunk in Russia. The caravans only ended in 1903 when the Trans Siberian railway was opened quickening the journey time from 18 months to 1 week.

This blend has a distinctive fragrant and full-bodied flavour with a fruity mellowness and a hint of smokiness.

It can be enjoyed black or with milk.

Recommended infusion time 3½ minutes.


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