Taiwan Jade Mountain 2015 Aged Oolong

A rare and delicated aged Oolong grown on a unique estate in Taiwan.

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Product Description

This is a 2015 high mountain oolong from Taiwan grown on Jade Mountain in Nantou. The leaves are of the Qin Zin varietal.

The estate is owned by the Huang family who produce 1.5 tonnes of tea per year.

The tea is roasted at the end of the manufacturing process in order to prevent further oxidisation occurring. The leaves will mature and the flavour will develop and alter over time provided they are stored in an airtight container in a dry cupboard. The flavour is very sweet for the first few infusions and gradually more vegetal.

Infuse 6g per 150ml for 1 minute at 90C.

A further 5-7 infusions are possible by increasing the infusion time by 30 seconds each time after the third infusion.

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