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Hario V60 Olive Wood Coffee Dripper and Glass Server Set

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We're offering this limited edition combined set at a special offer price whilst stocks last. You'll save when you buy this Hario V60 Olive Wood Coffee Dripper and Olive Wood Glass Server Set together.

Hario V60 Olive Wood Coffee Dripper

The V60 by Hario is our favourite coffee dripper, making it easy to brew superior coffee in minutes.

Specifically designed to brew your coffee in style, this Hario V60 Olive Wood Coffee dripper cone combines quality and practicality. With it’s familiar ridged cone, this dripper allows the heat to be transferred evenly to the coffee grounds, enhancing your cup to best effect.

The cone is made from heat proof borosilicate glass with an Olive Wood base, allowing it to sit nicely on a coffee server or mug. The bottom dripper is also removable making it simple to use and easy to clean.

This size 02 cone can easily brew up to 4 cups of coffee and pairs perfectly with the Hario Olive Wood Coffee Server.

Hario V60 Olive Wood Glass Server 

The perfect accompaniment to our favourite filter cone. This Hario Olive Wood coffee server is made to be used with any Hario Size 02 V60 to assist you with sediment-free coffee brewing method.

Elevate your V60 tool kit with this elegant and practical coffee tool. Made from heat proof glass with marking for accurate coffee measurements. The beautiful olive wood handle and lid allow you to to achieve the best possible brew in a beautiful fashion.

With 600ml capacity, it's the perfect way to brew and serve your favourite delicious coffee in style to your family and friends.

Why not pair both together at this limited availability special price?

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