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The Fruit Flavoured Tea Gift Selection Box

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Our Fruit Flavoured Tea Gift Selection Box is a delicious selection of black teas flavoured with aromatic fruits and florals.

Beautifully presented in a black gift box, our Fruit Tea Gift Selection Box contains four 125g bags of tea and comes with information about each tea.

For a special touch, why not add gift wrapping? Or add our antique tea strainer to the box for the ultimate tea gift.

Blue Lady

Our famous Blue Lady tea is one of the best selling and most popular on our list.

To create Blue Lady, we blend China Keemun tea with perfectly blended additions to produce a delicious fruit tea with a refreshing and uplifting flavour.

Keemun forms a complex and flavoursome base. We add dried mallow and dried marigold flowers for a subtle floral note. Finally, grapefruit provides an intense citrus aroma.

The result is a refreshing tea with a delicate perfume, a perfect balance between the fruity and the floral. 

Summer Tea

Our Summer Tea is inspired by sunshine, fresh fruit and all the joys of the warmer months.

We blend velvety smooth black China tea with dried marigolds, cornflowers, and a tropical fruit flavour to create a refreshingly juicy tea, Summer in a cup!

Winter Tea

Our Winter Tea draws inspiration from the colder months

We blend dried orange peel, ground cloves, minced almonds, dried hibiscus flowers, sunflower petals, and dried cornflowers. Black China tea provides a smooth base.

The result is a soothing cup filled with delectably warming flavours which are synonymous with the season.

Autumn Tea

Our Autumn Tea is an aromatic infusion inspired by the changing of the seasons.

Around Autumn, as the weather turns cooler, our tastes in tea changes. The light, refreshing blends we enjoyed in the summer months now give way to richer, more warming infusions.

For our Autumn tea, we combine smooth black China tea with warming thistle flowers and fruity redcurrant to create a deliciously uplifting cup.


Mr Higgins Favourite Coffee

I am often asked “Mr Higgins, which is your favourite coffee?”

That question takes me all the way back to when I first Joined the company. Then I was the most junior member of staff. Though I had worked in the business before leaving school and for as long as I could remember, I was the new boy, a trainee.


Fathers Day

My father and I have worked together since as long as I can remember. Although truthfully, the early days were hardly to be described as work at all. 


As we celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee

As we join with Her Majesty in celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, I am sure that we will be reminded of the seismic changes that have impacted on our lives during the period of her reign.
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