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Japanese Cherry Blossom

Joining the world of H.R. Higgins at the end of March I was so egar to work my way though some of the finest coffee and teas they have to offer, a little apprehensive of the green teas. 

Coming from a background in the beauty industry, green teas were always something I wanted to like. Buying box after box of green teas off the supermarket shelf, I would try one and either have to pass on to someone else or they would just end up in the bin. The taste was not something I could even force myself to drink, yet months later I would be back to the same cycle of buying trying to like it again.

Green tea is arguably one of the healthiest superfoods out there. Packed with essential antioxidants that can aid in the prevention of many health issues, these include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits. Easy to see why I wanted to enjoy the taste of green tea so much.

Each day, while working in the roastery, I am getting a different tea brewed for me every day to try. I first give it a taste, rate it to how I experienced the taste, then ask what it actually is. I mean, how else can you market something effectively without experiencing it yourself?  

Much to my surprise many of the ones I have loved are actually green teas. It definitely backs up the statement of ‘you get what you pay for’, the better the quality the better the taste. One of my favourites been Japanese Cherry Blossom tea, its delicate and mild with lots of flavour. Even one of my colleagues who does not like cherry finds this has become one of her favourites. 

Health benefits of Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea

Aside from drinking Japanese Cherry Blossom tea for the taste, there are so many other reasons to enjoy it. It has multiple properties that are so good for your body it’s hard not to drink it. Let's look at just a few of them. 

  • Both the leaves and cherries are rich in antioxidants that prevent foreign particles from attacking cells in our body. These also lower the risk of cancer and helps improve brain functionality. 
  • Anti- inflammatory properties, help to improve our immune system 
  • It contains essential fatty acids, which helps to repair the skin and promotes smooth supple skin. 
  • Low in calories – perfect for anyone counting calories as there virtually are none 
  • Lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body to help maintain a healthy heart, lowering the risk of a heart attack. 
  • Helps to cleanse the digestive system 
  • Antioxidants can also stimulate healthy hair growth 
  • Can help reduce depression levels and anxiety 

What does Japanese cherry blossom tea taste like?

When it comes to taste everyone's palate is different to what they like. Described as deliciously fruity with fragrant floral notes, I can certainly agree. This unique taste is very refreshing, and yet the cherry flavour does not overpower. I will definitely be making this delicious, light, green tea a part of my daily routine.  


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