The Postman Came Back...

But you see like many of you, I am self isolating because of age vulnerability. For the time being, I can’t pick up my supplies whilst working at the roastery or our shop. And it wasn’t that I had forgotten to order, I just hadn’t taken into account I had been using rather more than usual. I knew my order was on it's way, so I worked out that at a pinch, I could just about manage.

I had just consumed my last pot, hoping my order would arrive. To my utter dismay, I discovered the dreaded card: “We have been unable to deliver.” in my letter box. How had I missed them? Why hadn’t I heard them? I would now have to go to my Post Office and collect on the following day! Should I go myself and give up self isolating? A neighbour very kindly offered to collect. But then the doorbell rang and lo and behold, it was the postman! And there, on my step, the coffee. “I tried earlier, but there was no reply, so I left the note. Thought I would come back to try you again, just in case”. I wanted to give him a hug, well to shake his hand. But all I could say was “Thank you very much”.

There are those who continue to work despite the risks to themselves. To those on the front line, there are no adequate words with which to express our gratitude. We shall always be in their debt.

I am touched by the kindness of others. My neighbours, who have incorporated me into their online shopping. Those who regularly contact me to see if I am ok, insisting they are available if ever I need them. Even the Postman, who knowing it wouldn't be easy for me to collect my parcel, came back to deliver it to me. Crises can often bring out the best in us.

Their kindness reminded me that some years ago when my wife and I were out food shopping. I was carrying the box of groceries and fumbling for my car keys, when they slipped from my fingers and disappeared down a drain. Trying to prise open the drain proved useless, so my wife suggested that if we had a magnet and some string we could perhaps fish for the keys down the drain.

We rushed to our local store, returning with the items. It was beginning to get dark and starting to rain. I was struggling to see fumbling there in the semi darkness. Suddenly there was a shaft of light and I looked up in surprise to see a Girl Guide in uniform directing a torch and an umbrella to where I wanted to go. “I thought you could use some light." she said.

We attracted quite a crowd, including a traffic warden and a policeman with whom my wife was explaining our predicament. In the light of the torch, I managed to get the magnet through the bars and started fishing in the murky depths. Eventually I felt the magnet grasp something. To my joy and the encouragement of the crowd, up came my keys, and everyone gave a cheer!

It is more important than ever to show gratitude to those who are working to keep us all safe. From Doctors and Nurses to Supermarket staff, the postman and the helpful neighbour dropping off supplies. We all have our own ways of saying thank you. Be it clapping for our carers, drawing rainbows for the NHS, giving a thumbs up to our postman or leaving notes to let those on the frontline know how appreciated they really are. I myself have been sending gifts to all those helping me, some Higgins coffee (or tea) as my thank you for their support in these difficult times. Sometimes, it is the smallest touches that mean the most.

If you, like me, choose to say thank you with a gift, you can find some wonderful options on our website.

We will always do our best to make sure that you don’t run out of your coffee and tea. Which reminds me, I must put in another order!

My thanks and very best wishes

Tony Higgins


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