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Getting Started

“Let me try and help you find a coffee that you will enjoy”

We’ll just ask you a few simple questions to try and find your ideal blend. If you would still like more advice, feel free to visit us at our Duke Street shop where all our staff can help you choose your perfect brew. You may even speak to Mr Tony Higgins himself, who has helped thousands of our customers over the last 60 years.


How do you make your coffee at home?

Moka Pot


Filter or Pour Over


I’m not sure

Help me decide


Do you enjoy your coffee served black? Or do you prefer it with Milk or Cream?


A dash of milk/cream


When you think about the flavours you like, which of these might suit you best?

Nuts & Spice

Citrus & Florals

Toffee & Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Soft Fruits

Find my perfect coffee
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