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East Africa and in particular Rwanda produces some of the finest coffees in the world.
Coffees from this area of the world can however, be subject to a rare defect known as potato defect.
Potato taste defect is when certain beans have been fed on by the Antestia bug (a type of shield bug usually found at altitudes ranging from 1,300m - 2,200m above sea level, in the great lakes region of Africa. This insect carries a bacteria which causes the beans to develop a potato taste and aroma when roasted.
The beans affected is completely random and can’t always be detected.
The presence of the Antestia bug in no way impairs to the quality of Rwandan coffees. The bacteria is completely harmless to humans. Most bacteria becomes inactive at temperatures of 65 degrees or more and we roast this to 200 degrees so we can assure customers that it is completely fine if they have an issue with the word bacteria. 
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