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After nearly 40 years, we relocated from our previous site in Waltham Abbey to our new home just outside of Whitby an area with which we have strong family ties.

Our new, purpose built facility is another step in our journey to bring our customers the highest possible quality and service.

Our Roaster

After many years of service, we retired our old gas powered drum roaster a head of our move. For our new machine, we opted for a gas powered Probat roaster.

“With the new roaster, we were looking for something that would combine the history and tradition of H. R. Higgins but also help us step forward into the 21st century. This Probat machine was hand built in Germany by Kirsch & Mausser. Just as with our old machine, this one is gas powered with a rotating drum. However, this new roaster will allow us much finer control over each batch we roast. We’re very excited about what we will be able to achieve with this new machine, elevating our quality even more to improve your H. R. Higgins favourites.”

David Higgins

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