Tea Caddy & Gift Box Set

Add a special something to the gift of tea with our tea caddy and gift box set.



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Product Description

Add a special something to the gift of tea with our tea caddy and gift box set.

This wonderful tea caddy set will make the best of any H.R. Higgins tea leaves purchase.

Enjoy a little slice of the H. R. Higgins Mayfair shop in your own home with these bespoke caddies.

This stunning tea caddy has been specially created by fashion and textile designer Ann Louise Roswald and comes complete with a wonderful gift box.

Ann Louise designed an original coffee bean print used for the tiles and wrapping paper in the shop and cafe. This striking print has now been translated to a coffee caddy, which forms part of an exclusive Ann Louise Roswald collection, alongside our tea caddies.

Our beautiful caddies are available in two bespoke designs. Choose from our classic tea flower pattern, inspired by the delicate blooms of the tea plant. Or new for 2021, our elegant blossom print.

These collectable containers are the perfect way to store your H. R. Higgins favourites, and with 50p off 250g refills when you bring the caddy into the shop, they really are a gift that keeps on giving.

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