Colombia Pacamara Las Margaritas

A truly indulgent coffee, Colombia Pacamara Las Margaritas is grown on the Las Maragritas farm, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.


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Product Description

Colombia Pacamara Las Margaritas is a truly indulgent Colombia coffee. The Las Margaritas farm is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. It sits in the Campo Azul region at an altitude of 1500 metres.

The Pacamara bean is a hybrid between the Pacas natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, and the Maragogype mutation of the Typica varietal. Hence the name Pacamara. The beans are naturally processed. Firstly, the ripe cherries are laid in the sun. During this time they are carefully turned to ensure even drying. As a result they swell up to look like large chocolate Maltesers. The dry outer layers are subsequently removed and disarded. From start to finish this process has a profound effect on the flavour.


We roast this coffee medium to bring out indulgent, boozy ripe cherry and pineapple flavours. This also unlocks a light acidity.


Brew this Colombia coffee as an espresso or pour over. For espresso, use 20g of espresso ground coffee and extract for 26 second. Alternatively use 18g of coffee per 250ml of water for pour over.

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