Honduras Finca Gaby 121 Project

A delightful Honduras coffee grown through the direct trading relationship with the farmer.


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Product Description

Coffee: Honduran coffee

Region: Ocotepeque

Altitude: 1450 metres

Farm: Finca Gaby


This special coffee is grown through a ‘121 Project’ direct relationship with the farmer, in partnership with green coffee traders, D R Wakefield.

Norma Mileybi Lara began growing her coffee on a small piece of land given to her by her father. With just 1.4 hectares and a lot of training with a local co-operative, she put her heart and soul into producing this lovely coffee.

Only the ripe cherries are hand-picked prior to processing at the local co-operative. A wet processed coffee, all the pulp is used for organic fertilizer and the mucilage is used to combat the Roya leaf rust which has had a devastating effect on coffee production recently.

We roast the coffee light, giving a rich fruity peach and lychee flavour and gentle sweet acidity.

We love this coffee as a filter. We recommend 16g fine ground coffee per 250ml water.


H.R. Higgins sources all of its coffee through long-established relationships with individual coffee farms, cooperatives and trusted coffee partners. In most cases, we have direct relationships with farmers which span decades.

Sustainability is a hugely important factor to us as a business and now, more generally in the wider coffee industry. The most important part of the entire coffee process is that the coffee farmers, their families and their communities all benefit from our relationships. Specifically, we work with farms that care for the local environment, and support both their workers and their families. This is the first and most crucial step in the process of producing exceptional coffee.

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