India Malabar Monsooned

A very dark roasted coffee with a strong, mellow, tobacco flavour.

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Product Description

Our India Malabar Monsooned coffee is perfect for those looking for a strong and mellow coffee.

‘Monsooned’ refers to coffee grown in the Kerala district on India’s tropical Malabar Coast. Once harvested, the raw beans are kept in ventilated stores for six to seven weeks through the monsoon season in May and June. Because of the design of the stores, the monsoon winds are allowed to circulate through the coffee. The high levels of humidity followed by complete drying results in its unique character.

We roast this coffee very dark in order to bring out its rich and distinctive taste. This creates a smooth cup with a spicy flavour and gentle acidity laced with hint of cloves and tobacco.

We recommend brewing India Malabar Monsooned as a filter or pour over. Simply use 20g of finely ground coffee per 250ml of water.

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