Some coffees are inimitable and Java is one such. No other coffee tastes like it. You either love it or hate it.

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Also known as Old Brown Java, Javan coffee hails from the Indonesian Island of the same name.

In the days when Java was a Dutch colony, coffee could be kept for up to five years before shipping. Nowadays, the coffee isn’t kept as long but still maintains the unique flavour.

Coffee is grown at altitudes of more than 1,400 meters on the Ijen Plateau. The ripened cherries are transported to mills quickly after harvesting where fermented pulp is washed away as part of the wet processing of the coffee. The result is a good, heavy bodied coffee with a sweet overall impression.

We roast this coffee medium-dark to bring out its subtle acidity and the rich, earthy tobacco flavours. It creates a smooth and supple cup with a lasting finish and herbaceous notes in the after-taste.

Our Javan coffee is best brewed as a filter or pourover. Simply use 19g of ground coffee per 250ml of water.


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