Classic Coffee Taster Kit

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Hold a Tasting Masterclass in the comfort of your own home with the Classic Coffee Taster Kit.

A fabulous gift that will introduce you and your loved ones to a world of exceptional coffee.

This kit includes three coffees selected by Tony and David Higgins for their Classic Coffee Tasting Masterclasses.


This kit includes three coffees selected by Tony and David Higgins for their Classic Coffee Tasting Masterclasses.

Creole Blend

Creole Blend is one of our best sellers and has been a frequent feature of our daily roasting schedule from the very early years of our business. 

Created by Harold Higgins in the 1950s, this blend was designed for customers who were asking for stronger, darker blends but without any harsh bitterness or acidity.

With notes of dark chocolate and rich cacao, this blend has become very popular as an after-dinner coffee, but the refreshing blackberry finish makes it perfect for all occasions.

Guatemala Nueva Granada

Guatemala Nueva Granada is a sumptuous coffee grown in the volcanic highlands of San Marcos. Dieter and Holly Nottebaum have been farming in Guatemala for many years. The coffee is shade-grown and wildlife corridors are preserved. In addition to growing coffee, the farm provides a school for the children of the estate and computer training, as well as a healthcare clinic. They also pipe fresh spring water to 4,000 nearby residents. 

Guatemala Nueva Granada is roasted light, bringing out fruity notes of nectarine, raspberry and apple with a mild acidity.

Tanzania Kibo Chagga

Tanzania Kibo Chagga is undoubtedly a H.R. Higgins signature and has been a well-loved part of our range for many years.

Just after the Second World War, Harold Higgins tasted, almost by chance, a coffee which seemed to him to have tremendous possibilities.

He discovered the beans were grown by African farmers on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and began a quest to source this unique coffee. Absconding from an organised trip to Nairobi, he journeyed to Moshi at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro to meet the farmers, indigenous Chagga people, and became the first coffee merchant in London to buy directly from African farmers, a relationship which still stands to this day.

Roasted medium, Tanzania Kibo Chagga is deliciously fruity, with notes of nectarine, orange and passion fruit.

The Classic Coffee taster kit comprises 125g of each coffee presented in a stylish cloth bag, which is hand printed in gold. You will also find three tasting cards and a H.R. Higgins brew guide to inspire you.


Coffee Matters

“Without my morning coffee, I’m just like a dried-up piece of goat”

Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750


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Duke Street Blend is one of our most popular and best selling teas. This tea has so much going for it and its versatility means it can be enjoyed at any time.


Roasting with my father

“You can manage on your own now. But, if you are doing a very dark roast, come and get me before it cracks.” said my father after he had been teaching me about roasting coffee for several weeks.
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