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Chemex Coffee Filter Papers Size FP2

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Make a smooth filter coffee with these Chemex FP2 coffee filters. The papers are scientifically designed, bonded filters. Using them withe your CHEMEX® Coffee maker will ensure the brewing process will provide the perfect cup of coffee. ab

The cone-shape of the filters guarantees uniform extraction. In addition to this, the papers are 20-30% thicker than non CHEMEX® filter papers. Therefore bitter elements and grounds are kept out of your cup.

The Chemex FP2 coffee filters are designed to be used with the CHEMEX® 3 Cup Classic Coffee maker. However they will fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers of this size. Each box contains 100 filter papers.

Brewing Tips

Pre-soak the filter paper with hot water and then discard the water. Add one portion of finely ground coffee per cup. Pour on just enough hot (not boiling) water so that all the grounds are soaked. Wait for 1 minute while the grounds swell before slowly pouring the rest of the water on in a circular motion.

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