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Higgins at Home Coffee Taster Kit

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Containing 3 specially selected coffees, our Higgins At Home taster kits is the perfect introduction to some of H.R. Higgins finest blends.

Tony and David have created the 'Higgins at Home' taster kit based on their favourite coffees to drink at home together.

Costa Rica San Jose

Firstly, you will find the delicious Costa Rica San Jose. Costa Rican Coffee is considered to be some of the best in the world. Of course, our Costa Rica San Jose is certainly no exception to this. The Speciality Association of Costa Rica control all coffee distribution from the country. As a result, only the finest coffee beans are exported. This ensures the coffee is of the highest quality. The coffee is grown by farmers from the Coopedota cooperative Hermosa. They are renowned for producing award-winning coffee and are in fact recognised as the first carbon neutral coffee producer in the world. Their farms are found in the Dota region of the Tarazzu river valley. Here, coffee plants grow at altitudes above 1,400m. In these highlands, the soil is rich in nutrients. Costa Rica San Jose is prepared by the Honey Process. Consequently producing a coffee with natural sweetness. This coffee is nutty with a rich, caramel finish but has overlying delicate notes from lychee fruit.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon Dark

Next, The Yellow Bourbon bean variety is thought to take its name from a single coffee tree. In 1713, King Louis XIV was presented with a coffee tree by the Dutch. Seedlings from this tree were later transported to the French Island of Bourbon which is now called Reunion.

This Yellow Bourbon coffee grown is on the Daterra Farm. The Daterra Farm Cooperative are world leaders in sustainable production and innovation in the coffee industry. They were the first farm in Brazil to become Rainforest Alliance certified.

We roast this Brazil Yellow Bourbon dark to bring out its delectable smoothness and flavours of rich dark chocolate with blackcurrant and plum notes.

Kenya Estate

Finally, this bright, lively, AA quality coffee is grown in the Nyeri region, 100 miles from the foot of Mount Kenya. Kenya coffee is known for its vibrant acidity and crisp, fresh taste. Kenya Estate Roast is no exception. The beans have been awarded the AA grade, which refers to their larger than normal bean size. Here, rich, juicy, blackcurrant flavours marry hints of strawberries and cream. We roast this coffee to release a bright, lively acidity.


The Higgins at Home coffee taster kit comprises a 125g bag of each coffee presented in a stylish cloth pouch. The pouch is hand printed in gold. You will also find included three tasting cards and a H. R. Higgins brew guide to inspire you.


Mr Higgins Favourite Coffee

I am often asked “Mr Higgins, which is your favourite coffee?”

That question takes me all the way back to when I first Joined the company. Then I was the most junior member of staff. Though I had worked in the business before leaving school and for as long as I could remember, I was the new boy, a trainee.


Fathers Day

My father and I have worked together since as long as I can remember. Although truthfully, the early days were hardly to be described as work at all. 


As we celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee

As we join with Her Majesty in celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, I am sure that we will be reminded of the seismic changes that have impacted on our lives during the period of her reign.
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