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Indian Tea Taster Kit

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Enjoy a delicious journey of exploration with this specially selected collection of H. R. Higgins finest Indian Teas.

The Indian Tea Taster Kit is a brilliant introduction to our range of Indian tea. Hand selected by David Higgins, you will experience some of the best offerings from the world’s most famed tea producers with some delicious surprises along the way.

Darjeeling Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe

Known as the champagne of teas, this is the finest grade of 2nd flush tea from Darjeeling.

Masterfully cultivated in challenging conditions from Himalayan tea bushes, Darjeeling teas are picked between March and November and appear on the bushes as Flushes. The 1st flush is picked very early in Spring following the dormant winter season, then follows the 2nd flush in late Spring, which has more depth and complexity.

The best Darjeeling teas are famed for their muscatel grape flavours. Because the trees grow very slowly at high altitude the leaves produce a layered flavour profile. This Darjeeling Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe has sweet top notes and a delicate astringency which equates to a fine champagne or a flinty white wine.

Masala Chai Tea

Inspired by the traditional chaiwalas on the streets of India, we have created an aromatic Masala Chai Tea blend to satisfy our discerning drinkers looking for something different.

Discover a highly aromatic and the soothing warmth of this deliciously spicy Masala Chai Tea blend.

This blend is an aromatic punch of smooth black tea mixed with fiery ginger, citrus peels, all spice, whole cardamom, spicy cloves, star anise and earthy nutmeg.

Meghalaya Lakyrsiew

A deep and decadent tea perfect for after dinner or as a substitute for dessert.

The Indian province of Meghalaya lies between Darjeeling and Assam. The Lakyrsiew estate lies on the southern bank of Umiam lake set in rolling hills between 1000 and 1375 metres above sea level. The owners first began planting in 2002 using trees from both Darjeeling, and Chinese plants discovered growing locally.

Lakyrsiew means ‘the awakening’. This amazing black tea shares some characteristics with Darjeeling being prepared in a similar fashion and using plants of the same variety. The care and attention taken during manufacture is of the highest order and organic cultivation ensures a rich diverse soil quality.

The leaves are large and twisted, slowly unwinding during infusion to release the unique complex flavour.

Meghalaya Lakyrsiew is a Certified Organic Tea.


The Indian Tea Taster Kit comprises of 3 individual 125g bags of each tea, presented in a stylish cloth bag, which is hand printed in gold. You will also find enclosed three tasting cards and a H.R. Higgins brew guide.

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